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We know adverts are a pain in the arse,but  if people refuse to donate to sites - thats what happens,we tried ad free for a year = no one donated so thats the end of that .Site fees have rocketed recently they are 4 times what they were when we started - we arent earning any money at all. YOU NEED to whitelist the home page to help us to help you.

AD - BLOCK <<< Ad Block ( search for any other on google )

Fair Ads <<< I use this with above between them they get 99% of them,has a whitelist to allow ads from non intrusive sources/websites you want to help support,pops (pop ups ) are almost impossible to stop as they need a recognised URL by the blocker in order to block,they change URL every few minutes in some cases,making it impossible to get every 1 . << Ad Block for android devices



^^ The (i) click on that to allow flash this is CRUCIAL for any stream( not secure means we cant use HTTPS - as that blocks the stream,its also bullshit as we carry no encrypted data or client data) ,they ALL use flash player which is NOT included on iphones or any apple products - it MUST have flash to view a stream - chances are its swicthed off.Googles build is currently 71.0.3554.0 - from version 70 flash was swicthed OFF by default - YOU must re enable it ( though no one bothers to point this crucial step out) Ebay etc will be enabled as they are an affiliate of google ( they pay them lots of $$$ to stay top of the searches ) but most websites who dont pay for being top of the searches simply are cast aside.

most stream websites are made for laptops/Desktops & not mobile phones ( id say if you are daft enough to pay 900 quid for a fone that cant operate a basic internet necessity - youd probably be daft enough to buy sly sports! )

some people cannot access streams & blame this on ISP,or Bad ISP`s like Sly etc,in most cases this can be resolved but NOT 22 SECONDS BEFORE KICK OFF ,if you are using AVG/Avast or any other ludicrous free software then you are gonna get issues - they block things as they are over sensitive & WANT YOU TO BUY the full product,in 99 % of them you can easily bypass the block but most are too lazy to look ,most are in EXCEPTIONS /URL ,mostly,you simply put the home page URL ( into the url section & save it .My honest advice is to buy a decent virus package ,its like 50 quid a year - thats 1 months subs to sly to watch games you dont want!! many can get on site with a simple proxy like or hide me or a plethora of alternatives ,but again cant be bothered to look.



Occasionally a stream will have an advert that annoys google  & it will result in a red page or trigger the over sensitive free virus software .We try to remove the offending items AFTER THE GAME HAS FINISHED ,this can take a while for googles crawler to catch up - you simply bypass the red page by clicking "DETAILS & VISIT THIS UNSAFE SITE" Googles wording not mine ! You will probably have an already trained eye to know what an advert is & not be so foolish to just download something without checking it out 1st - google decide FOR YOU ,thats nice of them ..... tossers


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